Friday, March 18, 2011

Vivian Sweater

I've decided that I really like knitting with bulky yarns. They knit up so quickly! Being an instant gratification seeking person, bulky yarn allows me to make a larger project and still get some sense of instant gratification. :)

Right now I'm working on a sweater called "Vivian" for myself. I'm already a skein and a half in and loving it. Here are some progress pics:

And here's a picture of what it will hopefully look like when I'm finished:

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  1. Hi Mallory,
    Sorry this might seem weird, and I know it's not the place for it (so delete my comment if you want) but you posted something that really upset me and I wanted to make sure you read my response.

    It was a comment on Smalltowngirl's blog about feminism and the Disney princesses:

    I hope you understand why feminism is still necessary, even if you're not interested in being involved. Attitudes like this are dangerous. If you, as a woman, dismiss feminism as worthless, you are telling the world you don't deserve what our mothers fought for.

    Again I stress, it's your right to choose the life you want to live. I have no problem at all with that. If it's what makes you happy, it's perfect. But that's just it. Imagine if you couldn't choose that. So many women's dreams are still out of reach.